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Brief: Connections

Over the past two years the Coronavirus pandemic has divided us, severed connections and made it more difficult for us to be present with one another. Our communities are in need of regrowth and regeneration. We need to work together to build creative connections in order to strengthen the positive effects that artwork can have on its surroundings.


We are looking for artwork that illustrates a type or sense of connection. It could illustrate your connection to Haverfordwest, a connection between people, a connection between Haverfordwest and somewhere else, or you could take the theme in a whole new direction, we will leave the creative part up to you!

Together we are stronger and now is the perfect time to build resilient and creative connections, to help us manifest, ‘Brighter Futures’ that all the participants of Breakout 2021 creatively envisioned.
We are encouraging creative collaboration between the artists involved in Breakout Gallery & will help to facilitate this in the lead-up to the exhibition. 


This year we are also building connections with other businesses and organisations, we are pleased to announce we are working with Ogi in order to further expand the exhibition and reach new audiences.

Ogi is powering up online life for people across Wales, bringing gigabit-capable broadband to thousands of homes and businesses. Its ultrafast service is already available in parts of Haverfordwest. It  will give communities the connection they deserve for a smarter, greener, and faster future.


We have teamed up with Ogi to paint around 25 connection cabinets across Haverfordwest with the theme of ‘connections’ running through both parts of the project, adding additional artwork to the Breakout Exhibition. Artists can apply to paint one or more connection cabinets, they are various sizes. Successful applicants will receive £100 for each cabinet that they paint to cover their time and materials. Breakout Gallery will prepare the cabinets ready for painting and after, weatherproof the artwork, so that it can be enjoyed through the winter months and hopefully for years to come.

About the Breakout Exhibition 

Returning this summer for the fifth time, The Breakout Exhibition will temporarily transform Haverfordwest into a public art gallery, with vibrant artwork popping up in outdoor spaces.

Our aim is to make original works of art accessible to all, using the power of art to spread positivity and joy to residents and visitors of Haverfordwest, whilst providing local artists with unique opportunities to display and promote their work in a fresh context.

Each successful applicant will be provided with plywood boards to paint onto, these boards will then be framed, photographed and exhibited on public outdoor walls around Haverfordwest. After the paintings have been displayed for around two months, they will be moved to an indoor location for an exhibition and closing party, where the artwork will be auctioned.

What we are looking for:
This year we are limiting the number of artists involved in the exhibition, however increasing the number of paintings each artist completes. This helps us keep up with the admin of the project and makes our promotion more focused and effective. We are looking for artists to work with us to create a collection of paintings. If you only want to produce one piece of artwork please still apply, you may still be accepted.



Changes from last year 

  • More pieces per artist 

  • This year we are bringing back the auction closing party (with reserves)

  • All artwork must be priced to sell 

  • Flexible commissions/ exhibition fees

  • New bespoke framing options (please speak to us about this)

Final artist fees will be discussed on a case by case basis & vary depending on how many paintings are being completed and the agreed commission rate. The table below should give a rough idea for prices at a 40% commission on sales with our standard framing, artists will have the option to lower/raise the commission’s on the artwork to lower/raise the Artist fees.

Available sizes (ft)        Board/Framing Costs

1x1                                  £20

1x1’4                               £25

2x1’4                               £30

2x2                                  £35

2x2’8                               £40

2x4                                  £45

2’8x4                               £50

4x4                                  £60

6x4                                  £80

8x8                                  £100 (Does not require a frame)

12x8                                £150    (Does not require a frame)


Technical & logistical Specifications


The plywood boards provided to the artists are made from 9mm thick outdoor hardwood ply, pre-cut to the specified size & prepared with two coats of undercoat/primer. 


Once the artwork has been completed the boards are returned to us where we weatherproof them, usually with a satin polyurethane varnish on the artwork side and a heavy duty oil based yacht varnish on the back, this may vary depending on the materials used in your artwork.

Next we frame the artwork, our standard frames are black and made from 2x1(inches) pine with an angle routed on the inside edge, the frame is attached directly to the board, this keeps the artwork rigid. A 3.5cm area around the edge of the board will be covered by the frame, meaning that your artwork will be slightly smaller than the selected board size and the total dimensions of the painting slightly larger.

The artwork is then installed onto the streets of Haverfordwest, we attach the artwork directly to the wall using screws and rawl plugs, the amount and length of screw will depend on the size and frame of the painting. A name tag with a QR code is placed next to each artwork which will direct the viewer to our website where they will be able to find out more information about the artist/painting and have the option to buy/place a bid on the painting.

The artwork will be up for sale on our website while we are taking care of your artwork. At the exhibition closing party there will be a silent auction where bids can be made on the paintings. Artists can decide (with our direction) a guide price (buy it now price) and a reserve price for the artwork for when it goes to auction. Artwork must be priced so that it has a reasonable chance to sell, we are almost entirely funded through artwork sales so unfortunately can’t accept any overly ambitious prices.


We haven't quite figured out exactly how the auction will work, it will either run online for the length of the exhibition or be physical at the exhibition closing party.

After the exhibition closing party artists can come and collect their artwork or leave it with us, and we will endeavour to find a public place to display it where it can continue to be enjoyed and have a better chance of being sold. The artwork will then remain for sale on our website for 1 year from when we first received it, after this you can sell your artwork privately without giving us the agreed commission.

If we are still in possession/displaying your artwork after this point it will remain for sale exclusively on our website and retain our commission of any sales made. Artists can collect their artwork at any point after the exhibition closing party. This also applies for buyers collecting paintings. 


The psychology behind the project  


Manifestation is key, Artists manifest their intention for a new beginning into a piece of artwork, we then display the Artwork in a public place where that manifestation can be reflected & amplified to a wider audience. 

Our thoughts and intentions have the power to shape the reality around us. When that is amplified through multiple people manifesting the same/similar things & and put in prominent locations where many people are going to see, it can have a big effect on the area in which that artwork is being displayed and the people who live there. 


On a basic level it works by people seeing the Artwork in an environment where they would not usually expect to see a painting, this makes people stop, think and enjoy the piece of Artwork, the good intention of the Artist and the project is then passed onto the viewer, making their day just that little bit better. When thousands of people are passing each piece of Artwork over the course of the British summer, this can have a big impact on the wellbeing of an area, and impressions visitors get when they come here on holiday. 


Key Dates for Breakout Exhibition 2022 Connection
Feb 28th (Monday)                          Breakout Applications Open

April 11th (Monday)                        Applications Close
April 13th (Wednesday)                  Artists find out if there application have been successful

April 14th - 17th                               Artists get there boards 

June 1st                                             Artwork hand in (final Deadline)
1st June - 15th June                         All artwork will be waterproofed, framed and photographed
20th June - 22nd June                     Artwork Installed on the streets of Haverfordwest
25th June                                          Exhibition opening tour,
25th June - 1st September             Exhibition is on display on the streets of Haverfordwest
Mid September                                Exhibition Closing Party 


Terms and conditions

  • BG reserves the right to use images of any artwork that is part of the exhibition for promotional and graphical purposes 

  • The Artist must not independently sell prints for 1 year after first submitting the painting or until after the artwork has sold (prints may be sold through our website) 

  • The Artwork will remain on sale (from BG & only BG) for 1 year from the date that the Artwork was received by us. 

  • We are open to suggestions however, the final decision as to where the artwork is displayed as part of the exhibition is down to the curator at BG 

  • BG reserves the right not to display/sell your artwork if it does not fit with the rest of the exhibition/ or it is not of sufficient quality. 

  • No refunds for the Board/framing if you fail to complete the artwork by the deadline 

  • No late entries, if you miss the deadline your work may not be displayed. 

  • BootG can use your contact information to contact you about the exhibition (We will not share your data with anyone) 

  • No nudity, drug references or offensive Artwork. 

  • If you are thinking about making a political statement with your artwork please speak to us first. 

  • Artwork is displayed at the artists own risk, compensation can be made upto the amount of the board/framing fee’s but not the intended sale price of the artwork. 

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