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ViBE is one of our most exciting and sought-after emerging visual artists, their unique style expertly captures the movement and energy of festival and rave culture.


In the summer of 2022, we worked with ViBE at Westival, an electronic music festival set along the Pembrokeshire coastline. At the festival they produced 4 large 8ftx2ft artworks live at the event, each capturing the energy of the festival at different times of day & running a shadow painting workshop in the evenings, using the setting sun as another tool in their artistic inventory.


Over the past several months we have been working with ViBE, to produce a larger collection of framed fine art paintings. These are being displayed across the UK, and USA via an international showcase. ViBE works will also be touring the UK in the summer. Each piece brings life and energy to any room that they are displayed in. They are also waterproof and robust, painted onto 9mm plywood, framed, and varnished, making them suitable for outdoor display & for use at busy public events.

ViBE works are in collections in Europe, UK, Australia and USA.


ViBE is available to perform and host workshops for commercial, festival and corporate events. please email for more information.

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