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Sally Williams

sally w.jpg

Hello, my name is Sally Williams, I am married with two grown children.

I have been interested in arts and crafts most of my life.

Working with resin and alcohol ink rekindled my passion for art.

With no artistic training, I just do what makes me feel good. I believe that everyone has the ability to produce something to be proud of and shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

I love colour and I’m not afraid to use it! I love resin although it can be temperamental, the beautiful high gloss it produces makes it worthwhile persisting with. I enjoy the fluidity and organic shapes and different depths of colours that alcohol ink can produce.


I am heavily involved within the town, both community and business, and care passionately about it. I’m a coordinator of many large and small events.

I have exhibited my artwork in a number of spaces in and around Pembrokeshire.

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