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8ft X 8ft

This piece is inspired by the moss that grows on the Welsh oaks of the Gwain valley and the beautiful sensual shapes of the oak branches. It is also a nod towards the rekindling of the Celtic spirit which many feel at this time with the collapsing of low vibrational power structures and systems.

Jack Wheatly - Moss

  •  Jack Wheatley local artist who studied illustration at camberwell college of art, now spends most of his time outside with a keen interest in human/animal powered agriculture and traditional pre-industrial farming methods as well as low-tech solutions for better and cleaner living.

  • Artwork is painted onto 9mm thick plywood, suitable for indoor display & will last for around 2 year’s outside, much longer if in a sheltered position, the artwork is varnished & robust. 


    Free installation & Delivery for all 8ft X 8ft or larger artwork (within 30 miles of SA61), please get in touch to discuss delivery options if further away.

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